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Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas

Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas

Do you want to transform your apartment balcony into a beautiful outdoor space? Do you want to create a balcony garden that is full of life?

If creating a balcony garden is something that you are interested in, there are several ways to do this. Many people have limited space in their apartment, but that doesn't mean that you can't enjoy having a garden of your own.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy nature right from your balcony. If you want to learn how to transform your apartment balcony into a garden getaway, read on.

How to Transform Your Apartment Balcony Into a Garden

If you want to transform your apartment balcony into your personal garden, there are a few ways to do this. There are all kinds of garden ideas that can help you to create this space.

Because space is limited, it is important to have a vision in place and know exactly what you want. Do you want a flower garden that is beautiful and bright?

Do you want a herb garden that allows you to create deliciously flavorful meals? Or do you want to have a vegetable garden that you can cook from to enjoy fresh produce?

These are all things to ask yourself before starting your small balcony garden. You will want to know what you have planned before you start to create this space.

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Use Floor Space

One of the best small balcony garden ideas is to utilize all of the floor space that you have. You can do this by using an assortment of pots to keep plants in.

This is a very traditional way of keeping a balcony garden and allows you to arrange your plants as you like. This creates a beautiful garden that looks full and luscious.

The only downside is that it can become crowded and make it hard to actually use your balcony.

Add Shelves

Adding shelves to your apartment garden is a great solution to creating more space. You can add sturdy shelves to your balcony to create wall storage that can hold your plants.

This is one of many apartment balcony ideas that can help you, if you only have a small balcony. It frees up the floor and allows you to have plants along the wall.

Small garden ideas like this one are practical and beautiful and can create a lovely balcony.

Hang Baskets

Another way that you can work with a small apartment balcony garden is to use hanging baskets. These are very useful and can hold all kinds of plants.

Small balcony garden ideas like this one are ideal for making a small space work. This allows you to enjoy a vibrant garden without making your small balcony feel even smaller.

Though it is important to keep in mind that hanging baskets are vulnerable to winds.

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How to Care for an Apartment Balcony Garden

If you decide to create a beautiful balcony garden, it is important to know how to care for it. There are certain things to consider when taking care of a small balcony garden.

As long as you do these things, your balcony garden should be able to grow and flourish, even on a small balcony. It just takes a little extra care and attention to create a beautiful garden right outside your door.


For your apartment garden, you should make sure to check how much sunlight your balcony gets. Is it shady or in full sunlight? Does it get some sunlight or none at all?

This is very important as some plants require shade or sunlight or a mix of both. You will need to plant according to the sunlight and shade that your balcony gets.

This will ensure that your plants are able to grow and flourish. Alternatively, if you want plants that prefer the shade, you could create more shade on your balcony.


Because balconies tend to be covered and protected from rain, you will have to hand-water your garden. You will need to make sure that you do this regularly, depending on the weather and what you are growing.

You will want to invest in a good watering can to help you evenly water your plants. You should also have saucers under all of your pots to catch excess water.

Be careful to not overwater plants in the shade or to not underwater plants in direct sunlight. You should also regularly move your plants around to check that the water isn't damaging anything on your balcony.

Bad Weather

Because an apartment balcony is out in the open, you will want to be aware of bad weather. This can be an immediate threat to your balcony garden if it were to get too severe.

Strong winds and even hail or windy rain can damage your plants and even kill them. This can tear at your plants and leave them damaged.

The wind can even knock over potted plants, whether they are on the ground or on shelves. Hanging plants are especially vulnerable and could be blown away.

If a bad storm is expected with strong winds, it is a good idea to bring your plants inside. Plants in heavy pots on the ground are usually safe, but most should be brought inside until the wind dies down.

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Apartment Balcony Garden Ideas

Do you want to use some small balcony garden ideas to create your own garden? Do you want to create a beautiful apartment balcony garden for yourself?

This is a great option for anyone who lives in an apartment and doesn't have a yard. Though you may want a larger space to have a garden, an apartment balcony garden can be just as nice.

This is the perfect option if you only have a balcony to keep plants at. This is a common problem, and many people have grown amazing balcony gardens.

Do you want to create a balcony garden of your own to enjoy? Contact us today at East Edge Apartments to schedule a tour of our apartments.